About Us

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Our mission is to be the science program of choice for high school and returning college students in and around the Fullerton community.

The Division of Natural Sciences now seeks to successfully accomplish this mission by bringing a diverse arsenal of academic resources to bear. For example, you will find 32 full-time professors and 35 - 45 part-time highly qualified adjunct faculty members who make learning stimulating and challenging. Our professors encourage academic growth through traditional lectures, lively discussions, eye-opening demonstrations, the latest instructional technology, engaging laboratory experiences, meaningful field studies, and effective active learning strategies.

Our Facilities

The Natural Sciences Division recently moved into a new science building on the quad at Fullerton College. This new building was five years in design and construction. It is fully equipped to support the latest in science instruction in lecture and lab.

Our science facilities include over 20 laboratories, including dedicated science computer laboratories, supporting courses in anatomy/physiology, biology/environmental biology, chemistry, earth science/geology, health, horticulture, microbiology, nutrition and foods, and physics/astronomy.

Our Students

The Division of Natural Sciences serves a student population of about 5200 per semester. The majority of students are enrolled in science classes for general education credit toward transfer to a four-year university. Apart from our general education students, about 900 students major in some field of science. Another 200 take our science classes to prepare for vocational careers in horticulture, environmental technology, and biotechnology.

Our Transfer Curriculum

The Division of Natural Sciences offers a grand array of courses from eight scientific departments. We supplement college coursework in the traditional sciences (like anatomy/physiology/microbiology, astronomy, biology, chemistry, geology and physics) with innovative programs in horticulture, nutrition, and health science. All of our transfer courses fully articulate to all campuses of the University of California, to all campuses of the California State University, and to many private colleges and universities. 

Join Us

If you are thinking about a career in science, then join us here at Fullerton College and let us skillfully escort you toward a more fulfilling and enriching future in science.