Peer Assisted Learning

Fullerton College’s Natural Sciences division is pleased to host our Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) program. PAL provides students with personalized help with their science coursework. Students enrolled in science classes at FC may seek help in:

  • Understanding core concepts
  • Doing homework problems
  • Studying for exams

PALs are paid student tutors who have excelled in the courses for which they provide support. They have been recommended by their professors to help later cohorts succeed in their challenging science courses.

PAL services start in the second week of each semester in the Fullerton College Tutoring Center, located in the 800 building (Library).

Click this link for the latest information about Peer-Assisted Learning for the Natural Sciences division.

It Takes Two to Tango

Peer-Assisted Learning is a learning activity that benefits both parties. The more experienced and knowledgeable peer assumes the role of tutor. The less experienced peer seeks guidance accordingly. The tutor is challenged to clearly articulate theoretical concepts and, in so doing, is forced to logically organize all related components into a cohesive and sensible explanation – a very difficult task. This practice strengthens the tutor’s grasp of the science’s fundamental framework – which can be extremely useful in the tutor’s continuing coursework. For the tutor, intellectual creativity and agility are brought to bear on the lesson.

The less experienced peer interacts with the tutor by asking questions and expressing confusion or clarity in response to the tutor’s help. This system works best when the help-seeking peer refuses to set aside confusing topics until an internal/organic understanding is achieved. For the help-seeking peer, tenacity and intellectual presence must be applied in order to achieve a lasting comprehension from the lesson.

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